Gamestop Pre-Order Reveals Rocksmith DLC

Gamestop had posted the details for their pre-order bundle for Rocksmith for both Xbox360 and Playstation3 awhile ago but it’s only till now that we find out what the two “bonus” songs coming with the “Deluxe Jam-Pack Edition!”

Despite the spelling error (most likely by Gamestop given it’s spelled correctly on Rocksmith’s website) Rocksmith will give everyone the opportunity to finally “play Freebird!” Finally a music game with Freebird!

The second song is kind of a big deal seeing as how it’s Radiohead and it’s not “Creep” or “My Iron Lung” and it’s also misspelled on the ad but that’s besides the point! It’s “Bodysnatchers” from In Rainbows!

GameStop Canada Exclusive! Pre-Order Now and Get a Free Upgrade to the Deluxe Jam-Pack Edition which includes:

  • RockSmith Game
  • Deluxe Guitar Strap
  • 3 Branded Guitar Pics
  • USB Guitar Cable

I have confirmed that these songs are indeed “Downloadable Content” and this isn’t just a quick way to unlock the song. Does the quality of these two tracks instill faith that Rocksmith may be a fully supported game with content? Are you running off to pre-order it now? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to @AgedBike for the tip!

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I have owned RockSmith for a week now and I absolutely LOVE it. I've played it every day and, needless to say, have played all of the songs several times. Although I'm still having fun playing the songs and I'm still learning I am really interested to hear when I'll be able to start downloading new songs. Specifically interested in Rock/Metal. How soon will new songs be available and what is the best way to be kept in the loop?


Rocksmith have said they may have Bass content as DLC. In the meantime, you could go for the bundle with a guitar included. You've got a bit longer to decide; it seems it's been delayed til December.


I play bass. I called gamestop and asked them if I'd be able to use my bass guitar with this game and they said I could, but everywhere else (online) that addresses this issue says that you cannot, that the game is for electric guitar ONLY.
Although I would like to, I do not own an electric guitar, just a bass. I'm looking forward to it's release, but I'm not about to spend that much money on a game before I know whether or not I'm even able to play it.
Please help! 🙁

Ed Tanguy EWE

Last time that spelling error was made, it was on Guitar Hero Metallica box art, i thought they would have learnt by now…


That's a pretty bad misspelling by Gamestop…


As much as I really love both songs, and the picks are cool as well, I REALLY don't want to pre-order from Gamestop. After the whole Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PC fiasco, I'd rather not support the chain. Heres hoping Best Buy or Amazon have a better/equivalent pre-order bonus.


BestBuy US does indeed have the deal!


It looks like it's in the US now


Fear not, Kilterc! BestBuy is now listing both songs, three in-game effects pedals and a unique in-game Gibson guitar will be included with pre-orders. Check the pre-order page on their website.


Can I just use a noraml real guitar?


Yup! That's the whole deal with this game. Any guitar with a 1/4 inch output can be used 🙂


Kyle yes you should your real guitar that is the main point of Rocksmith.

You buy the game and the cable jack-USB and plug it into any electric guitar.

I know that they talk about selling a bundle Game-Cable-Guitar. The guitar supposed to be an Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar currently sells for $147.92 CAD at Guitar Center (

The bundle should be around $200 USD




This would be great news if I hadn't already preordered at best Buy months ago. They offered me $40 off a guitar with the preorder, $40 I would then have to pay if I cancelled said preorder. I really wish this wasn't a gamestop exclusive as I would love to have the strap and picks.