Exclusive: Rocksmith @ Ubisoft San Francisco

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Ubisoft San Francisco to not only check out Rocksmith but also to be in an upcoming promotional video.

For the video I played Radiohead’s “High and Dry” (terribly) and shared some of my thoughts as a fan of plastic instrument games and guitar in general. I look forward to being called all sorts of things on YouTube when it launches.

Now I know everyone is probably expecting a ton of info from my visit but honestly with these type of events the PR red tape is everywhere and I was lucky to come away with two gameplay videos and an interview with Creative Director, Paul Cross.

I can however provide the following information:

  • Songs will not be score tracked online, only mini-games will. This may change at a later date but if not, perhaps a 3rd party can step in to determine who is number one at “Higher Ground”
  • Two player mode exists! It will be a horizontal split-screen setup which removes all background graphics (think Focus Mode in Guitar Hero) and allows to choose either Single Notes (lead), Chords, Combo, or Combo 2. Obviously this won’t be available online, local only.
  • Singing exists as well. Mainly to help you become familiar with the mysterious art of singing and playing guitar at the same time, but also to give the 3rd person something to do while you and a friend rock out. The game doesn’t tell you when you are doing bad but it does have a slightly encouraging “Nice Singing!” for when you are on pitch. Vocals are not scored.
  • Bass is coming! Maybe not this year though.
  • The PC Version of the game has been delayed.
  • The bonus tracks are definitely the toughest stuff you’ll play in the game. I didn’t get to try it but @KyleGaddo told me about one song that was very Petrucci influenced.

Did I see songs that haven’t been announced yet? Yeah a few, but hopefully we’ll find out about them later this week given that today is the Rocksmith Press Event.

Anyway enough of me talking about stuff you already know about, check out these exclusive videos!

Oh and here are some CDs I saw kicking around the Rocksmith Dev Area…

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Really? No online scores? I'll pass. Sounds worse than Powergig.


Wow "no online scores" is what sealed the deal? Or was it the fact you never planned on buying it anyway…

Leonardo Storti
I passed on it since the first time I saw this game and its gameplay, it's obviously a learning tool people keep giving this so much hype but people get real…it's a learning tool not a music game… These Newbish Companies just don't get it, they think that playing a real guitar is what everyone wants, it's not what everyone really wants I assure you. I say that would just be an extra, why change perfection? RB and GH had it right with just the simple 5 colored buttons and a strum bar, adding a real instrument is just a… Read more »

When your perfect idea isn't selling anymore, you have to try new things. We'll see ho well this game fares without traditional gameplay.

Leonardo Storti

I have doubts for this game, it will end up like Power GiG. All the hype for nothing, not everyone has an electric guitar and I seriously doubt people will give it the time and consideration to learn this game or learn how to play a guitar.

But I can't say anything yet, we will see how it sells and we will see what IGN and Gamespot has to say about this game…


I love how you called Ubisoft a newbie company….and also this game is for IF you wanna learn guitar…and their are people out there who wanna play a real guitar game….they are everywhere just look on forums….and this game has been out for like a week now? and it is already huge i have a ton of friends that already have it.


This is a Guitar Hero site, not a fucking Rocksmith site.


Sorry, but there isn't much to say about Guitar Hero at the moment. Be sure to participate in our Community Night on your console of choice though 🙂


How does the game tackle proper strumming? Can it actually detect the difference between an up and down strum? If so, how is that presented in the UI?


All it detects is the audio, but it will probably try to explain proper strumming


There's a press thing today?
Full setlist here we goooooo.


They told me they are going to reveal the full setlist the week of release. I'm not sure why unless they have some crazy reveal incentive with Muse.


Aww. Wonder what tonight is then?
If Muse comes out tonight… I wonder what they could possibly save for launch week?
(When will the press release be available, do you know?)



Billy Talent…
Love and Rockets…
Broken Bells…
The Cult…

Wow that's a pretty good music library