Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/19/2016 – Megadeth II

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Finally some more METAL DLC on Rocksmith 2014! There’s no way anyone is going to argue about Megadeth being metal right? Ok, good.

The hand punishment is due this week for those that dare to tackle this five pack of shredding guitar solos, and high octane bass lines. Highly requested songs to make up this five pack include, A Tout Le Monde, Holy Wars… The Punishment Due, Peace Sells, Tornado Of Souls, and Trust!

Best part? Only one song is in Eb Standard, so if you are up to it everyone can play without tuning their axe too much.

Megadeth II Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Do these @Megadeth songs scratch the #moarmetal itch, or are you a Metallica fan? (I keed). Let us know!


48 thoughts on “Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/19/2016 – Megadeth II

  1. A big thanks to RS Team for this pack. Lots of extra work with no extra compensation. Many of us will enjoy trying to master these songs for a long time to come.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, the version of A Tout Le Monde that appears on United Abominations was recorded in E Standard. For me, this inclusion would have made the selections for Megadeth pack II 100% perfect. With nine total tracks on RS, I’m happy to see that Rust In Peace album is now well represented, as well as a good mix of old/new. Finally, I’m a little surprised that this pack didn’t include a track from their new album, set to drop tomorrow, no less. Not complaining, just surprised.

  3. I know this probably isnt where you request, but, could we get an alice in chains 2? Mostly for Grind, sea of sorrow, drug of choice. Thanks.

  4. Fucking-A -- they nailed it! -- fingers are bleeding today and hand is cramped like a muthafocker- but AWESOME!!!!!!

    Ps.. Candidate for best song pack of 2016 already!

    1. It’s a killer pack, and should take awhile to master. I’d vote for it over QOTSA and STP. We should have a Technical pack of the year poll at the years end.

  5. What a great pack, I know 3 different versions of a tout le monde and I am so glad they picked the best one! Never expected to get this song honestly but I love it. Played through the pack and it is really awesome! Some riffs are challenging, some are quite simple but fast and other are more approachable, really a perfect wellrounded pack. The solos are mostly above my skill level but gives plenty of replay value. Tornado of souls kills my left wrist lol but its so much fun!

  6. Gonna be hard to best as dlc , there ré not m’y favorite but they can play ( does this me ans well get at least 1 dlc per season to equal that . This could be better than the first dlc years

  7. I wont’t sleep much tonight…

    Rocksmith gets better and better!

    (Now it’s time for the second Iron Maiden, Judas Priest pack, and the first Opeth eh?)

      1. Im sure I have requested Windowpane, Face of Melinda and To Bid You Farewell… for those who don’t like growling.

  8. I was really hoping for “into the lungs of hell” or something off so far so good… So what. Oh well at least we got peace sells!

    1. How’s this for a bonus: looks like “Peace Sells” has been pitch-shifted to avoid a True Tuning (A430, I believe, is the pitch of the original recording).

  9. Wow, this pack is excellent. There’s a lot of Megadeth songs I could have been happy with, but all 5 of these songs are particularly good choices. It’s been a while since I’ve been so excited for DLC. Thank you Rocksmith! Please don’t take any more long breaks from heavy metal packs! 🙂

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