Speculation: 38 Special Holds on Loosely to Rocksmith (maybe)


Greetings, Rocksmith fans! 

@DanAmrich doesn’t plan on confirming his clue tonight, but we have a real good idea as to what it most likely is:

A pretty simplistic guitar chart, right? @SquirrellyNinja also posted the gear used to make the tones:

SH-elx caught on almost instantly:

SH_elx hold on loosely

Looks like a sure bet; founded by Don Barnes and Donnie Van Zant (brother of Southern Rock legend Ronnie Van Zant) in 1974, 38 Special’s unique blend of Southern Rock, Arena Rock-style AOR, and New Wave resulted in some of the most hummable southern rock still in popular rotation on classic rock radio to this very day. Since it’s a three pack, what could the other songs be? We have a few ideas:

Possibility #1: 38 Special Pack:

Caught Up In You

Like we wouldn’t have this song in a 38 Special pack? Pretty much this and Hold On Loosely are the two 38′ songs played most on classic rock radio nowadays.

Like No Other Night

Not quite as popular as CUIY or HOL, but it’s just so damn catchy!

Possibility #2: Southern Rock Hits Pack

Molly Hatchet: Flirtin’ With Disaster

With the export working from Rock Band 1 now, why not?

The Outlaws: Green Grass and High Tides

Another Rock Band favorite: this ten-minute long jam will give any guitarist a nice challenge.

Gregg Allman: I’m No Angel

Probably the closest thing we can get to Bruce Springsteen for the near foreseeable future.

Possibility #3: 80’s Hits 5

This one could be almost anything from the 80s, so feel free to think of your own suggestions. Here are some possibilities:

Boston: Can’tcha Say (You Believe In Me) / Still In Love

A major hit for Boston in the 80s alongside Amanda, this would certainly fit with 38 Special’s Arena-style sound.

Whitesnake: Here I Go Again

The Whitesnake song everyone’s been waiting for to arrive on Rocksmith after Is This Love.

So, Rocksmith fans, what are you hoping will be in the pack? Did we even get the artist or song correct in the first place? Is this all blind speculation on our part? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you on Monday!

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ghmorello confirmed through Xbox One Google search that it’s
Hold On Loosely
Caught Up In You
Rockin’ Into The Night!

Insta-buy for me!

Stevel Kinevel

That’s gonna work for me also…
Still hope possibility #2 comes around next week or so…

Bat Wings

if it is a .38 Special pack hopefully they don’t have that crappy Second Chance included
total MEEeeeeeeeh


hold on loosely confirmed


If this is true it would be the best pack ever !! Especially Flirtin’ with disaster ,caught up in you !!


Holy shit. 38 Special had two drummers?


I’d like a third possibility. I want a Donnie Van Zant pack with some Van Zant.


Southern Rock also includes ZZ Top and The Black Crowes, no? It would be a shame to only get one song by ZZ Top though.

Stevel Kinevel

I hope it’s possibility #2…
All three of those songs are something I’d
like to own… make it 5 pack and throw in 38 special and

Dan R

Highway Song would be awesome.


Blackfoot -- Hell yeah! Highway Song and Train, Train!!!!

Their last album had Zakk Wylde playing on After the Reign’s title track. Zakk guested on Blackfoot’s 1994 album playing the second solo on the title track.


All of the Above would be great. BUt we just recently got another Boston song, Amanda, so I don’t believe they would do that so soon. BUt I could be wrong.

That said -- Green Grass and High Tides would be awesome or Ghost Riders in the Sky and just about the entire Molly Hatchet catalog is great too. I am on board of all of the above.

However, Last weeks release has me hopping with metallic joy still.


Uh, we got Amanda nearly a year ago, while Queen, Def Leppard and Wolfmother have all gotten 2 songs within a few months of each other.

Tony Tunes

My guess:

38 Special 3 pack

Hold On Loosely
Caught up in you
Second Chance

Sold -- to me, if this is right.


It has to be close… They only have 3 or 4 good songs 😕


Please no more southern rock

Bat Wings

Packs got promise…Can R.S. “Go Yard” on back to back weeks as to song selection..?


Fool for your loving or guilty of love by whitesnake is Also welcome , i think any way this dlc might go i aint , cant be deceive. . And oh no ? Suite madame blue those 2 are epic


Ok so if it’s 80s, a few nice companions would be Come Sail Away by Styx or (throwing in something simple) Your Love by The Outfield.

If it is Southern rock, will y’all please serve up a side of Black Crows please?


Wild Eyed Southern Boys
Fantasy Girl
You Keep Runnin Away
Caught Up In You
Stone Cold Believer
Rockin into the Night

Man, any of those in a 3-pack would be great


That simplistic chart up top is without a doubt Hold on Loosely, the start and end part of the solo.
I’ve played that so many times I sometimes catch myself doing it while playing a totally different solo 😐


I want Southern rock pack with:

38 Special
Molly hatchet
The outlaws

kymm puckeridge

The fuck… Really?…. Why?…. What’s next?…. Doobie brothers?… Bros?…. Craig mclachlan?… Maybe some 2 chord presidents of USA? Scrap that please no God damn peaches


Doobie brothers!!! Thanks for the great idea, I’m putting in a request right now. 😉 looks like I’m gonna dig this weeks dlc, this retiree is pleased.

top kek

Long Train Runnin’ would be awesome, thanks for the suggestion


I’m hoping for either a southern rock or 80s pack. More Allman is always good and Boston is great too.

Secret Squirrel

I hope it’s a 38 Special pack.


Uh… got to admit, I’m not waiting or hoping for Here I Go from Whitesnake. If anything from them it should be Still of the Night.


38 Special could happen. They see how well Skynyrd is received. I’m hoping Josh Homme hypes up the solid QotSA reception to Iggy and he signs on too.

I made note last Friday to request Green Grass and High Tides. That would be sweet.


This is à great month to start the year
!!!!!!!!!! Boston , the 2 .38 ( teacher teacher ?) , here i go and green grasss.. that would be à hell of à pack