Rocksmith DLC 2/26 – Incubus


Tomorrow’s Rocksmith DLC is a 3 pack from the alternative funk metalish band, Incubus!

Ubisoft delivers with the highly requested Anna Molly, Love Hurts off their sixth album, Light Grenades, and finally the hit single off Morning View, Wish You Were Here.


Incubus Pack – $7.99 / Steam

“We will be releasing “Wish You Were Here” and “Anna Molly” but unfortunately the third song, “Love Hurts,” and the 3-song pack will not be available for Xbox and PS3 at this time (PC will have everything). Look for those to come on March 26th!

We apologize for the delay and appreciate your understanding – licensing and coordinating weekly DLC worldwide can be a tricky thing! As always, thanks for playing and supporting Rocksmith.” –

So that wraps it up for weekly DLC for Rocksmith. Did you get all the music you wanted? Or are you hoping March holds the perfect song for you? Let us know!

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