Rocksmith DLC Battle 2016: Final Results

Hello Rocksmith fans!

You voted for ’em, so here are the results for the Rocksmith DLC Battle of 2016!

Best Rocksmith DLC of 2016

Rush (67.1%) 243/362 Votes!

Dream Theater (32.9%) 119/362 Votes!

Rush wasn’t here to accept the award but as a Toronto resident I will take it on their behalf, thanks eh.

Best halsb video of 2016

Rush “La Villa Strangiato” – 34.56% 56/162 Votes!

Joe Satriani “Satch Boogie” 30.2% 49/162 Votes

Y’all really like Rush I guess…

Favourite Rocksmith video of 2016

@Audrey123Talks @Rancid’s Maxwell Murder 100% on Bass 27.1% 32/118 Votes

We can’t disagree

Zombie David Stevens – White Zombie “Black Sunshine” 25.4% 30/118

Two votes? Well, that’s two brains that David will be feasting on!

So there you have it, the best of 2016! What will this year bring us in the months to come? We’re already off to a great start and hopefully it only gets better. Did you vote for @RushTheBand? Or was their final round inclusion enough to make you pick up @DreamTheaterNet’s pack?





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February 20, 2017 5:21 am

quality prevails.

February 19, 2017 1:30 am

No, I really liked the SRV and Anniversary Packs. I voted for Rush only in the final because of their drummer. (just being honest) Regardless, congrats to the Rush and Dream Theater fans.

And oh man this year is starting off great.