Rocksmith Releases Beta Update for Mac OS Users

Hello Mac OS Rockers!

You may have heard that Apple’s newest OS Release Catalina will only run 64-bit applications, if you were worried about @Rocksmithgame not being one of those, worry no more as there is a beta for you to test right now!

Hello, everyone! With the upcoming Catalina update for Mac OS excluding the use of 32-bit applications, we are issuing a beta update to add 64-bit support for Mac users. 

What’s in the Beta Update

The primary focus of this build is to add 64-bit support for Rocksmith Remastered, but certain other issues have been addressed:

  • Add 64-bit support
  • Fix a crash at shutdown
  • Make in-game shop more reliable
  • Fix UI draw when game/app is in background
  • Minor bug fixes

How to Participate

We are testing this update to 64-bit for Mac players via a public beta, which will require you to voluntarily opt-in. If you are a Mac player and you have the desire to help test this prior to the release of Catalina, here’s what you need to do:

  • Right click Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered in your Steam library and select Properties at the bottom of the list.
  • Select the Betas tab
  • Enter the code RockTheMacintosh and select Check Code. You should get a confirmation message if you typed it correctly.
  • Select rs_public_beta from the drop-down list and let the game update.

You’re good to go! When you are done testing, select “none” from the drop-down menu to return your installation to the standard retail release.

Known Issues

As this update is in beta, we have a list of known issues that are currently present in the build. We ask that you please take the time to go over them. 

Here are the known issues present in the beta update for MacOS:

  • The screen may lag at profile select or when first entering “Learn a Song.” This may cause the user to wait around 10 seconds before they can progress.
  • [Session Mode] Using band presets (whether or not the player adds instruments) may cause the backing band to not start.
  • [Graphical] Certain reflections create an exaggerated “shining” effect. Particularly, the guitar headstock (6 in-line) in the Tuner, the posters in the Shop, and sustain tails during gameplay.
  • [Graphical] Instead of a movie, the game credits roll over a green placeholder background.
  • [Graphical] [Tone Designer] When selecting cabinets, the cabinet representation on the right side of the screen is missing its outer mesh. 
  • [Graphical] Lights around chord panes lightly flicker during gameplay.
  • [Guitarcade] [Graphical] The bananas in “Gone Wailin’” and the screws in “Hurtlin’ Hurdles” are dimmer than they should be.
  • [Guitarcade] [Graphical] The tribunes and meter counter in “Hurtlin’ Hurtles” disappear after entering the frame.
  • [Guitarcade] [Graphical] “Return to Castle Chordead” has multiple graphical issues:
    • Certain background assets clip through explosion VFX.
    • On level 3, the moon is missing from the sky and has been replaced by a large, dark texture.
    • Flames may have an unintended flicker in gameplay and cinematics.
  • [Guitarcade] [Graphical] “Scale Racer” has multiple graphical issues: 
    • The player’s car may drastically change in brightness.
    • Car tires and helicopter blades flicker during gameplay.
    • Cars on the highway are brighter than intended.
  • [Guitarcade] [Graphical] “Ninja Slide N” has multiple graphical issues: 
    • After failing out, a small graphical glitch may be noticed flying towards the camera.
    • When ghosts rotate near the towers, they change from their normal appearance to being very bright.

We Need Your Feedback!

Is the update working well? Is it not working at all? Did you run into a weird bug? We want to know! 

If you are testing this update, please make sure to share your feedback with us here so we can verify that the update is working as intended or look to address any unintended behavior as a result of the update.

[Mac OS Beta Update]

If you have any feedback on this Mac OS Beta be sure to share it with the developers on the Ubisoft Forums

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October 18, 2019 11:17 am

Hi, done everything, code is correct. But when I run app I receive a message with unknown mistake.