Rocksmith Remastered 9/12/2017 – 80s Mix IV

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week we are back to the 80s with the fourth incarnation of the 80s Mix Pack!

The pack (as revealed over the weekend) features @theRATTpack’s Lay It Down, @Huey_Lewis_News Hip To Be Square, and @SteveWinwood’s Higher Love (confirmed by Xbox AU).

This is the only time @theRATTpack has had a second song in any music game, the first appearance of Hip to be Square (outside of Lips), and the music game debut of @SteveWinwood!

80s Mix IV – $7.99 / Steam


There you have it, another trip back to the 80s and two new artists to add to the closely approaching 1100 song, Rocksmith Library! Are you excited for these songs? Is this the best 80s Mix Pack yet? Let us know!