Rocksmith Remastered DLC 1/16/2018 – Green Day III

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week @UbisoftStudioSF gives us another dose of @GreenDay! This pack primarily focuses on the 2004 release American Idiot and will hereby escalate Green Day to the top of the most represented artist in the Rocksmith Remastered library with 14 songs!

As revealed via the Friday forum clue, we know that Welcome to Paradise off 1994’s Dookie will be included, but that’s about it for pre-2004 Green Day, so brace yourself…

Highly requested songs included off 2004’s American Idiot include Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Holiday, and yes the progressive punk rock 5 part opus of Jesus of Suburbia! Rounding off the pack is Know Your Enemy off 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown, which has no relation to the Rage Against The Machine song…

Green Day III – $11.99 / Steam

Jesus of Suburbia is 9:08, enjoy!

Are you excited for these FIVE @GreenDay songs to hit Rocksmith or are you hoping their fourth pack will get the songs you truly wanted? Let us know!

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Happy. Wouldn’t have minded if they put packs three and four together for some extra cuts- i too, am missing the dookie/insomniac/nimrod era- but these are solid tracks, and I am looking forward to rocking out Tuesday!


I’ll say it…
“When I Come Around”, “Brain Stew”, “Warning”, and “Minority”
3 shots, 3 misses

Joseph McMirra

When I come around, brain stew, she, minority, waiting for green day pack 4, lol. But yeah I’m still totally down for this. Great job ubi!


I feel you. I’m on some, Geek Stink Breath, Minority, and Brain Stew. However in my case Holiday was there as well. 4 shots 3 misses. Overall this is a much better selection than pack 2.

Chris S

I was hoping for Jesus of suburbia and not disappointed. I love how rocksmith supports punk with Green Day and rise against among top dlc not to mention bad religion, rancid, nofx. A Ramones pack is just the obvious missing dlc now


Jesus of suburbia VERY GOOD

James Anderson

I got kind of concerned for a second there when you used 21CB as the album art for the article, but seeing the rest of the tracks made me OK with it. I was not expecting Jesus of Suburbia to actually make it in, but I’m really glad it did. Looks like that’s all the biggies from American Idiot, so hopefully year(s) down the road we can get a pack with the rest of the biggies from Dookie and Nimrod, and start working on Insomniac and Warning.


And “When I come around” continues to be sorely missed. I’m nitpicking. Much better overall song selection than pack 2. Big name artist, 5 pack, decent songs…I’ll buy it. 🙂

Jim Pisser

Totally agree. I’m a Green Day fan from way back when Kerplunk came out. Couldn’t bring myself to get the first 2 packs. This one I’ll be playing tomorrow!


One thing that kind of sucks is when you have an artists with hits across many albums, putting a heavy focus on any one album almost feels like a loss. There so much other material is being overlooked. On the flip-side, it is kind of interesting to think (if anyone is that kind of fan) you can now set up a playlist to run through the first 3rd of the American Idiot album in order. Not sure if any other artist’s DLC lines up like that.


Nice song selection, I think the followers of their oldest work will be a bit disappointed but I personally am quite happy. I was looking forward to having Holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams in the firsts two dlcs, so… nice job Rocksmith! Two weeks in a row for me, let’s see how the third one is.