Song Speculation: Mumford & Sons will fill the valley of your heart

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Next week’s clue has been solved and it seems like we are staying in the post 2000-era (for now) with a brand new artist pack to the Rocksmith Library!

Let’s check out RollingStone222’s clue!

It’s a GIF!

Yup, that’s definitely the password to unlock that GIF…

I see London…

So that means…


Nice work @pcgamingisted!

and it’s a THREE pack!

Up until 2015 @MumfordAndSons was strangely absent from Music Games…


If you played Guitar Hero Live, you’ll remember this scene for sure…

On disc for Rock Band 4

DLC for Rock Band 4

What’s the other song?

Probably this…

Are you excited for this addition to the Rocksmith Remastered Library? Or are you holding out for the 70’s release this month? Let us know!


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Dank Vader

Play “Little Lion Man”, “I Will Wait” and “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons on any electric guitar.

Chris S

This is probably one of the better acts last ten years but I was kind of surprised they are from UK. I mean who plays banjo outside of US it’s like some English hootenanny experiment

Adem H

My attitude towards DLC like this and Rocksmith continuing to release DLC like this

Casey Smith

This pack looks fun, my acoustic playing should see some improvement after learning these

elemenohpelmnop .

Cool addition.


Surely the other two songs will be I Will Wait & Little Lion Man

Dank Vader

“Hopeless Wanderer” was the song that brought this band to my attention
and the only one I can say for certain I have requested in the past.