Rocksmith Remastered DLC 3/14/2017 – 90s Mix II

Hello Rocksmith fans!

It’s time for another trip back to the 90s with returning artist @holerockand two newcomers @Eve6 and @tonicband!

From their self-titled debut 1998 debut, Eve 6 brings us Inside Out, For the first time in a music game we get Violet by Hole, and to wrap up the pack enjoy a drink mixer with Tonic’s If You Could Only See.

90s Mix II – $7.99 / Steam

That is sooo 90’s…

Another trip back to the 90s and next week we hit 1000 songs! Are you excited about this trio of nostalgia? Or will only 90s kids get this… Let us know!


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Great pack, fun week for bass! 🙂

Tommy Friend

Hey! FYI NO NEW SONGS ON XBOX ONE AGAIN, Second week in a row and if your waiting for Microsoft to get back to you. LOL Good luck with that.

Jim Pisser

Rare instabuy pack. Usually I wait to see the playthroughs but pretty sure these are gonna be great to play.


Nice! I love these songs!


2 out of 3 isn’t bad for me. I’ll pick up the tonic and Eve 6 song. Love those.

Michael Giordano

I sort of wish this was a 5 pack instead. Can’t argue with the songs they picked though (although I would have preferred a Hole song from Celebrity Skin, but that’s just me)

Chris S

Grrl rock that’s more like it. There were so many great 90s bands fronted by women they should get their own pack

Joseph McMirra

Yay! I was right except for the hole song…hopefully for 1000 we get some more tracks from her late husband…that would be truly something special