Rocksmith Remastered DLC 4/3/2018 – Dethklok II

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Hope you have your guitars downtuned and your sweep arpeggios cleans because this week is all about DETHKLOK!

As revealed over the weekend both Black Fire Upon Us (Dethalbum II – 2009) and Murmaider (The Dethalbum –  2007) will be included in the pack. The third song (confirmed by Xbox AU) will be Bloodlines (Dethalbum II), good thing this isn’t Drumsmith

Dethklok II – $7.99 / Steam

Six Dethklok songs in the Rocksmith Remastered library… That’s pretty

Are you excited for these three @_Brendonsmall metal masterpieces? Or are the vocals enough to have you looking to what’s on for next week? Let us know!

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On one hand I don’t like down-tuning to C, but on the other hand I love the idea of having more Dethklok in the game so this is an insta-buy!

galaktikon/galaktikon ii when :V


I had a feeling that this week will have a second Breaking Benjamin DLC but… instabuy man!


No Laser Cannon Deth Sentence? DISAPPOINTING


Where is the duncan hills coffee theme? Nothing is netter then that. 2 dlc packs and no duncan hills coffee! What sackless deaf troglodyte is running this show?