Song Speculation: blink-182 returns to Rocksmith for their First Date

Hello Rocksmith fans!

After 29 pages RollingStone222’s clue has been solved! Let’s check it out.

Why the colours?

@DanAmrich further explained the puzzle

From Wikipedia:

“First Date” was inspired by DeLonge and wife Jennifer Jenkins’ first date at SeaWorld San Diego.[3] “I was about 21 at the time and it was an excuse for me to take her somewhere because I wanted to hang out with her,” said DeLonge. The track was written as a summary of neurotic teen angst and awkwardness.[3]

San Diego was the first Sea World location. The franchise grew from there.

The colors are the colors seen on the cover of Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, the album one which “First Date” appears.

And the images of the eyes…yes, there are 182 blinks. RS222 is a mad genius.

“First Date” is one of five blink-182 songs coming out in the blink-182 Song Pack II on Tuesday.

It has been almost four years, since our first @blink182 pack! What other songs could we expect to make this five pack?

What follows is speculation

This would be a big surprise

this isn’t going to happen

idk lol

Covers count!

Are you excited for FIVE more songs from @blink182? Or is pop-punk a pop-pass, let us know!