Speculation: 4/8 DLC – Def Leppard? Nope, it’s Bob Dylan!

Hey, Rocksmith 2014 fans, next week’s DLC looks to be a real scorcher and we aren’t f-f-f-foolin!

Yesterday we received three hints from Christopher Woo (@SquirellyNinja), Paul Cross (@CrossieRS), and a new community developer that will be familiar to our longtime fans from @TheHeroFeed, @DanAmrich!

On Sunday night, however, more than 6,700 fans filed into the Mandalay Bay Events Center to proclaim their enduring love for Def Leppard, the hard rocking Brits who dominated the FM airwaves during the 1980s.

And while Leppard probably never played to a house with more than 1,000 empty seats during its stadium touring heyday, the band gave its defiant supporters exactly what they came for: big, raucous sounds and bright, flashing lights, as if it were 1987 all over again.

Source: Las Vegas Sun


“You didn’t hear it from me.” – Dan Amrich (Forum Link)

Well Def Leppard is definitely older than AFI, A Day To Remember, and Matchbox Twenty!

Can you believe we thought the hint was pointing at Bob Dylan again though? (Should have gone with this)

In any event Def Leppard is a welcome addition to the Rocksmith catalog and have had their fair share of exposure through both Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Edit: Whoops

Note, this is the first Bob Dylan DLC EVER