Speculation: KISS to hit Rocksmith 2014 next week

Greetings Rocksmith 2014 fans!

Yesterday Paul Cross (@CrossieRS) as usual decided to drop a rather cryptic hint on twitter.

I’ll admit it, I had no clue… One reddit user however, got it almost instantly.

Prince 5 Pack conf- nah, it’s probably KISS.

No picture for The Simpsons (big surprise) but this definitely confirms it.

Also the whole fact that next week is Valentines Day so KISS and… Well you get it right?

KISS has been a band that has been in Guitar Hero and Rock Band since as early as 2006, so the song choices are fairly obvious:

Are you excited for The Hottest Band on Earth to hit Rocksmith 2014? Are you hoping for some less obvious songs to be picked? Let us know in the comments below.