Speculation: Rocksmith Newsletter hints at September DLC

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Looks like the newsletter hit inboxes yesterday which means we have a few hints pointing at what’s in store for this month of Rocksmith DLC!

A refused return

Ok, just wishful thinking but I really hope that Swedish hardcore punk band, Refused will finally make their music game debut.

You may remember them from this trailer…

Some deviants

Could it be time for some Sex Pistols?

Hmm, they did finally get back together after 33 years with Danzig this month…

The passage of time



Or could “It’s Been A While” be a misdirect on “passage of time” and we are getting another Green Day pack with “Wake me up when September ends” as a track?


What do you think is coming this month to Rocksmith 2014? Have you noticed we are getting close to 900 songs!? How will @UbisoftStudioSF celebrate this occasion? Do these hints make you excited for September? Let us know!