Rocksmith hints at Legendary Classic Rock Artist

Good news for those that weren’t so enthused with today’s Rocksmith DLC.

The official Facebook Page posted this today:

“Next week, we’ll have a whole slew of exciting news to reveal at E3, including a new song pack from a legendary classic rock group!”

We already knew that we might be getting a glimpse of the long-awaited Bass Content but could there be more to E3 than just that?… Read More

Rocksmith Bass Content to be On Disc with Europe Release?

Gonna' keep on tryin'

Seems like there’s leaks happening all over the place when it comes to Rocksmith! It was brought to our attention by Creeko that GameSta has reported the following via Rocksmith’s forthcoming Europe release:

“The European version will also exclusively contain a bass guitar version, not available Stateside.”


When questioned about this statement in their comment section Gamesta Daav replied “We get all our Ubisoft info straight from Ubisoft themselves.”

Not much to go on but could it be possible that Ubisoft wants to give Europe the Bass Content on-disc to apologize for the 11 month delay?… Read More