The Cure returns to Rocksmith next week!

We’re back to bi-weekly DLC for Rocksmith but that doesn’t mean we still can’t Rock out just as hard as before! You’ve learned Boys Don’t Cry on the Rocksmith disc so get ready for three more additional The Cure songs on March 19th!


A quick google search yields the wikipedia article for The Cure’s Lovesong, which Robert Smith originally wrote for his long-time girlfriend and then fiancée, Mary, as a wedding present.


Did you know Robert Smith filled in for John McKay when he left Siouxsie and The Banshees? OK, well now you do! Also the song appears to be The End of The World  off their 2004 album, The Cure.

What will the third song be? Will it be a deep cut like Fascination Street or an obvious choice like Just Like Heaven?

Stay tuned to find out!


It’s Just Like Heaven off The Cure’s 1987 album, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me!

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