The Offspring are coming to Rocksmith!

Well this week’s hint was a lot easier to guess than the last!

Less than a hour ago Rocksmith’s Facebook page posted this:

It’s that time of the week Rocksmith fans. Can you guess this riff? This band was formed in California in 1983, the lead singer was Valedictorian at his high school. Post the artist and song title to reveal next week’s downloadable Rocksmith Song Pack!

We didn’t even need to google any tabs for this one as it’s a well known fact that the lead singer of The Offspring (Dexter Holland) is one smart cookie.

As for the song choice, we picked up our guitar and instantly recognized the riff as The Offspring’s 1997 hit single Gone Away off Ixnay on the Hombre.

What will the other two songs be? We’ll find out next Tuesday but until then feel free to speculate!