Bootsy Collins signs on for BandFuse

While not officially confirmed by Realta, Fox19 posted a video interview that shows bass legend, Bootsy Collins will appear in BandFuse.

The interview mostly shows filming in progress for what we assume is promotional footage for his appearance in the game. It would have been nice to see what song(s) will come with Bootsy, considering how varied and prolific his career has been. Also it’s high time we see some new footage of the game, since we’ve been in the dark since E3.

Even if you aren’t familiar with Bootsy Collins as a solo artist, it’s very likely that you have heard of some of the bands that he has performed with. acts such as: ParliamentFunkadelicBootsy’s Rubber BandJames BrownAxiom FunkPraxisMaterial,Fatboy SlimSnoop Dogg, and Deee-Lite.

Additionally, the fact that Bootsy Collins and Marcus Henderson are both under the same music game umbrella could warrant a certain masked guitarist lending his music, or even more to the game.

“Bootsy expects at least 400,000 copies of BandFuse to be sold and he’s hoping that will lead a lot of kids to become musicians.” (Fox19)

We hope so too Bootsy, We hope so too.


“Bootsy has also contributed the original track Rock Bandit for inclusion in the game’s massive, genre-spanning set list from today’s modern and classic rock ‘n’ roll artists.”  (Realta PR via Gamasutra)