Rocksmith 2014 DLC 10/7 – Audioslave

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Today’s DLC as previously revealed, is a five pack from American Rock Supergroup, Audioslave! The pack mainly focuses on their debut self-titled album with one track from 2004’s Out of Exile. There’s nothing too tricky on guitar but it’s all really fun, and UbisoftSF put in a solid effort in tackling Tom Morello’s guitar effects mastery. Too bad we don’t have a whammy pedal peripheral right?

My absolute favourite effect is the volume swell tone on I Am The Highway, will definitely be mucking around with that one in the future. Be Yourself might require a Capo, but it’s implementation is next to flawless and will be a great sounding song to add to your library of moderately difficult songs. Bassists will definitely enjoy the solid riffs in the key of Rage.

 Audioslave Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam

Are those the five songs you wanted? Is this a must purchase? Let us know!