Rocksmith 2014 DLC 5/17/2016 – Queensrÿche

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Today we have a three pack from American Prog/Heavy Metal band, @Queensryche! Although their work has been offered on disc for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock  (Jet City Woman), as a song in the standard GHTV rotation for Guitar Hero Live (Eyes Of A Stranger), and as a DLC for Rock Band 3 (Silent Lucidity), this is the first song pack for the band in a music game!

Two songs come from the incredible Operation: Mindcrime (1988), (I Don’t Believe in Love and Eyes of a Stranger), and to close off the pack off Empire (1990)Jet City Woman!

Queensrÿche Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam



Are you happy to see @Queensryche get three more songs? Or is this one prog band you’ll be skipping. Let us know!