Rocksmith 2014 DLC 7/29 – Lamb of God

Metalheads rejoice!

Ok, well fans of American Metal…

Ok, well fans of American Metal from the 2000s era that don’t have a problem with agressive scre- Ok, never mind…

Greetings Rocksmith fans! As shown in our previous article, this week’s DLC is a three pack from the American groove metal band, Lamb of God! These three tracks will join Redneck which came out as a single in July 10th, 2012 for Rocksmith 2011!

Included in the pack is a song anyone that played Guitar Hero II should be familiar with, Laid to RestAlso, in the pack is second single off Resolution Ghost Walking and the epic first track off 2006’s Sacrament, Walk with Me in Hell.

Lamb of God Pack – $7.99

Are you happy with this second offering of Lamb of God? Let us know!