Rocksmith 2014 DLC 8/12 – No Doubt

Greetings Rocksmith fans! Today’s DLC takes you back to the origins of Hollaback Girl, with three tracks from No Doubt! As confirmed in the previous articleDon’t Speak off Tragic Kingdom will be one of the three tracks to master on Guitar and Bass this week, and trust me when I say that this song is no pushover on bass. Six stringed shredders may scoff towards this Grammy award winning ballad, but most likely will purchase it and never tell anyone.

Thankfully guitarists can enjoy playing through Tragic Kingdom’s second hit-single Spiderwebs. Time to get those pinch harmonics locked in.

Anyone remember the outro solo that Guitar Hero: World Tour kept in? I don’t think you have to worry about it here.

Finally the third song is unfortunately not Sunday Morning but it’s not too far off from the songs you wanted. Off Return of Saturn it’s Ex-Girlfriend!

No Doubt Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

Are you happy with the No Doubt pack? Wishing it was a five pack? Let us know! PS: So close to Sublime, come on folks!