Rocksmith 2014 DLC 9/27/2016 – Dream Theater


Hello Rocksmith fans!

I hope you are not afraid of a stamina workout…..

No this isn’t another Nonstop play post, it’s simply a 3 pack of tracks from Dream Theater, that just so happens to add up to over 26 minutes of new Down Loadable Content!

Last week might have been all about the power chords and super short punk songs, but this week is all about the epic track lengths – insane arpeggios and – of course – just a little shred.

It seems only fitting that “Metropolis—Part I: “The Miracle and the Sleeper”” (often shortened to “Metropolis”) was the track in the clue reveal, since it was also the bands show opening track for a very long time. Nine and a half minutes on the album – but anywhere up to 25 minutes long as part of live shows. It’ll be interesting to see if Poedy was given the task of the note-tracking – and therefore if all the crazy keyboard parts are included as bonus arrangements.

On The Back Of Angels should be interesting to see how the track translates into Rocksmith – and if the frequent time changes make it a tough one to master.

As just about everyone speculated, Pull Me Under – is the third track for this pack. Making it just about the perfect pack for many Dream Theater fans.

3 tracks from 2 albums spanning nearly 20 years – all of them fan favourites. We know the licensing for this pack has probably taken over 2 years to clear – but there is sure to be plenty of fans glad the licensing team stayed at it.

FYI – John Petrucci’s presence brings the “wishlist” of Generation Axe artists represented in Rocksmith up to 3 out of the 5.


Dream Theater Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam

All arrangements in E Standard



So there you have it, Dream Theater has been added to the now 903 song Rocksmith library! Are you excited to tackle these prog masterpieces or are you just going to watch halsb get 100% on Score Attack? Let us know!