Rocksmith 2014 DLC 4/7/2015 – Bush


This week’s DLC comes to us courtesy of England’s own Bush (or, if you’re Canadian, Bush-X)! It’s a four pack, including two songs that have never been in a game before, joining the on-disc song Machinehead. This marks the first time since Foo Fighters 02 back in November that an on-disc band has gotten a pack! Let’s take a look at what we’re getting:

Their debut album Sixteen Stone provides us with 3 of the 4 songs from this release, with the rocking Everything Zen, as well as the slower hits Comedown and Glycerine! Rounding out the pack is the first single from their sophomore album, widely considered to be the final original grunge album, Razorblade Suitcase: Swallowed! This pack marks the first time that anything from Razorblade Suitcase has come to a rhythm game, but let’s hope we get at least another song or two from there!

If you don’t like down-tuning, then you’re in luck! All of these songs are in E-Standard, something I was surprised by, given Machinehead’s A447 tuning.

Bush Song Pack – $9.99 / Steam

Note: due to an Xbox One leak @Elisoncrz was able to play all four Bush songs before release for your enjoyment

So, is this pack something you were saving your money for, or are you too disappointed by the lack of Greedy Fly? Let us know in the comments!