Rocksmith 2014 DLC 6/28/2016 – USA! USA! USA!


Howdy Rocksmith fans!

It’s time to grab a Bud Light, grill some massive steaks, and watch bald eagles fly in front of red, white, and blue fireworks. This week’s DLC is in celebration of Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith’s beloved 1996 film Independence Day, as well as possibly an earlier holiday.

All joking aside, we’ve received an ultra-patriotic pack of classic American music from four great artists. Kicking off the pack is the long-awaited return of The Star-Spangled Banner, this time coming off of Boston‘s 1997 Greatest Hits album (which would also surely qualify as a second anthem).

Next up is a karaoke classic and legendary folk rock track from Don McLean with American Pie, from the 1971 album of the same name. This song is no stranger to rhythm games, being featured both in Band Hero, as well as being the “final” piece of DLC ever released for Rock Band.

Our next song brings us another dose of good ol’ (2001) country music as Brooks & Dunn‘s Only in America from the incredibly named 2001 album Steers and Stripes comes to Rocksmith. While Rocksmith has definitely had country music before (as a pack and a single), this is the first taste we’ve had of modern(ish) country in the game.

Rounding off the pack, and continuing a light boxing connection, is the first representation in a rhythm game from the best Rocky film (1985’s Rocky IV) as James Brown makes his Rocksmith debut with the classic Living in America! In my opinion, there is nothing more ludicrously American than Apollo Creed’s entrance to this song, except for possibly the notion of Rocky Balboa knocking out Soviet super fighter Ivan Drago in his home nation as an audience full of Soviets chant Rocky! Rocky! Now can we get Burning Heart, Ubisoft?

Independence Day Song Pack$9.99 / Steam


Do you think this pack is a knockout, like the one Rocky Balboa delivered to Ivan Drago in a fit of pure American pride, or does this just feel like a sucker punch to the head, like the one Tommy Gunn delivered to Rocky Balboa in Rocky V? Let us know in the comments!