Rocksmith 2014 Japanese Singles – 2/18

Looks like next Tuesday will be the last release of the known Japanese DLC for Rocksmith 2014.

You may have remembered last month we tweeted that ACIDMAN would be coming on the 18th of February. Much like last week though with STRAIGHTENER,  PSN EU has released the Japanese content a week early for our European Sony friends. While ACIDMAN is not on the marketplace, there is a single from RIZE and The Birthday.

The theme of this final trio of DLC singles appears to be Garage Rock, Nu Metal, Pop-Punk, and most importantly AWESOME bass lines.


So now that we have exhausted our initial line up of Japanese content what are your thoughts? Have you picked up any of it? Did you discover some new bands you wouldn’t have otherwise? Would you like to see more? Or do you think that Ubisoft should license content from other foreign regions outside of Japan?

PS: If anyone downloads the songs off PSN EU before Tuesday, post the tunings or better yet… A video! 🙂