Rocksmith Remastered DLC 12/5/2017 – Steve Miller Band

Hello Rocksmith fans!

This week we get a large serving of Classic Rock from @SMBOfficial!

As revealed over the weekend the hit single The Joker (1973) will pompetously be in the pack! This month’s newsletter pointed to Fly Like an Eagle (1976) or Jet Airliner off Book of Dreams (1977) being included… Good news, it’s both! The newsletter additionally revealed Take the Money and Run (Fly Like an Eagle – 1976) would be included as well… Last but not least, we can confirm via Xbox AU that Rock’n Me (1976) made the cut as well!

Steve Miller Band – $11.99 / Steam

Grab that capo if you want to make your flight!

Are you happy about this five pack of classic rock to kick off December or were you hoping for some deeper cuts? Let us know!