Song Speculation: Steve Miller Band isn’t joking around next week

Hello Rocksmith friends!

Only three weeks left of Rocksmith DLC (in 2017), and we already know one of the artists.

Let’s check out RollingStone222’s clue for this week!

It’s a GIF!

NotRolo at it again!

Good work firekorn

Seems promising…

Well Done! Slide Guitar hype!

it’s a FIVE pack this week folks!

This isn’t the first time @SMBOfficial has been in a music game.. Their first appearance was Rock’n Me in Rock Band 2, which they followed up with a DLC pack in 2009 featuring The Joker, Take The Money and Run, and Space Cowboy.  With the addition of Pro Guitar in Rock Band 3, we also saw Fly Like an Eagle in 2010.

With the release of Guitar Hero World Tour, The Joker was included on disc and later on as Guitar Hero 5 DLC in 2010, we received Take The Money and Run. One surprise may be that there was also a track on the Nintendo DS version (Guitar Hero: On Tour) which hasn’t appeared outside of the portable platform, Jet Airliner.

Knowing all that what other four songs will join The Joker?

What follows is speculation

Please liberate this song from On Tour!

Wasn’t really a fan of this song on plastic guitar but I bet it’s more interesting when it’s the real thing!

This would be HUGE

Safe bet…

the lack of this song in music games is driving me mad

Are you excited for the arrival of @SMBOfficial? Or is this a bland dad rock start to the final DLC stretch of 2017? Let us know!