Rocksmith Remastered DLC 2/13/2018 – Trivium

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Heavy things come in threes this week with a song pack from @TriviumOfficial!

Over the weekend it was revealed that both the title track off the 2011 album In Waves, would be featured in the pack, as well as Strife off their 2013 album Vengeance Falls. Today we can reveal (via Social Media) that the third pack is also off In Waves, their second single off the album, Built to Fall!

Trivium – $7.99 / Steam

Hope that tuning isn’t too low for ya

There you have it, yet another Top 40 Artist delivered in the first two months of 2018! Are you happy for the addition of Trivium to the music library? Or is this the wrong kind of metal? Let us know!