Rocksmith DLC Battle 2017: Semi-Finals

Hello Rocksmith fans!

While you wait for the full Trivium pack reveal, we still have yet to determine the Best DLC of 2017!

The results from The Battle of the Quarters are in, so we now have eight entries to vote on, only two will move onto the final round.

In order of poll and placement:

Skid Row (283 Votes /941 # – 30.1%)

U2 (206 Votes /941 – 21.9%)

Pearl Jam II (336 Votes /909 – 37%)

Mix Tape Song Pack (184 Votes/909 – 20.2%)

Muddy Waters (185 Votes/881 – 21%)

Marilyn Manson (156 Votes/881 – 17.7%)

Alice in Chains II (328 Votes/897 – 36.6%)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (177 Votes/897 – 19.7%)

Thanks for voting!

Featured image provided by @pcgamingisted


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What…..darn.. (To quote one of our tennis greats) You can’t be serious. Muddy lost by 1 vote?

Where’s the respect for the elders?

I guess he did good to at least get the bronze medal.

Riff Repeater

I had evidence someone was manipulating the vodes (multiple votes for MW from the same IP Address)


Well that sucks. Meaning he wasn’t even as popular as this list made him out to be. Good thing, I guess, is at least he made the semis. Still can’t believe Steve Miller didn’t.


Well that sucks. I guess it’s good that at least he and a few others at least made the semis. Still can’t believe Steve Miller missed the cut.


Wow. I’m in the same boat. Would like to say, I’m out; however, I can throw in a vote for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th best. Too bad Steve Miller and Alabama Shakes also didn’t make the list.

I’m going with the individual whom most the rest of these cats probably borrowed a lick or 2 from--Sir McKinley Morganfield.

4th-Pearl Jam


Man, I’m not even voting from here on out, lol. The Four Tops, BTO, Steve Miller and Royal Blood are all gone while Muddy Waters and TSO remain. The only pack still in the running that I loved was the mix tape. 🙁 lol


Okay, I lied. I’m voting. xD