Rocksmith Remastered DLC 4/4/2017 – Pearl Jam II

Hello Rocksmith fans!

After 4 years of waiting it’s time to finally get another serving of @PearlJam in Rocksmith! Daniel should be happy with this five pack as it knocks two off his list of necessary songs!

We already learned on Saturday that Even Flow (Ten) was confirmed, and then we got a reveal via Twitter/Facebook pointing at Last Exit (which is off Vitalogy ;). The other three songs include Rearviewmirror (Vs.), the highly requested outtake from Ten Yellow Ledbetter makes it music game debut, and finally off Yield Do The Evolution.

Pearl Jam II – $11.99 / Steam

Finally we will know the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter!

The long awaited Pearl Jam II pack has finally arrived! Are you excited about the choices or are you waiting for Pearl Jam III? Let us know, and use that request app!