DLC Round-Up: March 2017

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to the Rocksmith DLC Round Up!

Before we get to the very awesome month of March, let’s check out how you voted last month!

The boys from New York narrowly come out on top beating Chris Martin and the awkward tunings of @Coldplay by TWO VOTES! We still love Variety a bit more than the 80s it seems though…

This was a big month, we finally got the pop-punk queen of Canada @AvrilLavigne, We took another trip to the 90s with artists like Eve 6, Hole, and Tonic. To celebrate the milestone of 1000 songs @UbisoftStudioSF made music game history with a five pack of songs from @OfficialSkidrow, and to close out the month we got an assortment of songs in a nostalgia bomb of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater memories thanks to Skater Rock Pack!

Bassists had some fun this month with tracks like Complicated (Avril Lavigne)Inside Out (Eve 6), Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row), and of course Superman (Goldfinger).

This bass line is actually sort of complicated. Drop D and off you go!

Nothing too tricky here, just a fun one.

This pack is a blast!

Park Avenue leads to fun bass!

@OliveierMaxence2 did everything he can but he still didn’t get 100%

Here’s a fast one!

There were definitely some fun guitar parts to master in March, let’s check a few out!

Yeah this song kicks ass, fight me.

Block out the incredibly pandering lyrics and lose yourself in this incredibly satisfying masterwork of a pop “punk” song

Ok seriously… Why is this song that difficult to play? @billy… Is this your doing?

This song is so good it got @pcgamingisted to bust out a lead and rhythm video!

Get your pinches on!

You’ll certainly remember the solo after you hear Anthony nail it!

Can you beat @Audrey123Talks sightread?

March’s tunings were a bit interesting, but mostly Standard, let’s check it out:

Arrangement E Standard Eb Standard Drop D D Standard Eb Drop Db Capo
Lead 13 X 2 X 1 1
Rhythm 13 X 2 1 1 1
Bass 11 1 5  X 1 X
Alt. Lead 2 X X  X X
Alt. Rhythm 1 X X  X  X X

Yup, E Standard still rules!

Which brings us to the question on everyone’s mind…

See you next month!


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Dank Vader
Dank Vader
April 6, 2017 12:49 pm

It was a tough choice between Skid Row and the Skater Pack, but the flashback inducing quality of the Skater songs helped it edge forward.