Opinion: 15 Rocksmith Artists in need of a second DLC pack

Dave Grohl

Hello once again Rocksmith fans!

With the release of the second Foo Fighters DLC pack, the possibility of other artists on Rockmsith getting repeat DLC packs is becoming more of a certainty. Because we thought the internet really needed more top 10 lists, here are fifteen artists on Rocksmith that already have a 3, 4, or 5-song pack we think are most in need of another.

#10: Boston

Boston - Third Stage - Front

While the Boston 3-Pack we got this past March did include two of their bigger hits, (“Don’t Look Back” and “Foreplay/Long Time”) material from most of the Don’t Look Back album as well as anything from Third Stage and beyond is completely absent from Rocksmith. Considering Tom Scholz’s fondness for acoustic interplay, long, challenging guitar solos and complex, groovy, driving basslines, more Boston would be great for any guitarist or bass guitarist looking for a real challenge.

Necessary songs:
It’s Easy
Rock & Roll Band
Something About You

#9: Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam CoverVs

More of one of grunge’s biggest critical darlings would be a very welcome addition in Rocksmith. The DLC we have from them so far wasn’t originally a “pack,” but two singles released in February 2012 and the single “Alive” from January of the following year, all three of which were eventually bundled together in a discounted 3-pack.

Necessary songs:
Even Flow
Just Breathe
Yellow Ledbetter
Save You

#8: The Clash


Punk rock fans must be clamoring for more classic 70’s-era punk by now, so why not more Clash? They certainly have more than enough hits to quantify another pack.

Necessary songs:
Rock The Casbah
White Riot
Tommy Gun
Death or Glory
I Fought The Law

#7:  Judas Priest

JP Hell Bent

You may recall from my Legacy DLC review of the Judas Priest pack that, even though I am not much of a fan of heavy metal at all, Judas priest is a band I genuinely love, and is one of the very few metal bands I like to listen to on a regular basis. Since they have quite an extensive catalog ranging from hard rock to speed metal, more Judas Priest would be great for any guitarist.

Necessary songs:
Hell Bent For Leather
The Hellion/Electric Eye
Delivering The Goods
Turbo Lover

#6: Oasis

Oasis Be Here Now

I’ll be the first to admit, Oasis is probably my all-time favorite guilty pleasure band. Even though we’ve already gotten most of their biggest hits from their highly-acclaimed first two albums in the previous 5-pack, their lengthy discography is more than enough to fill another DLC pack.

Necessary songs:
Morning Glory
D’you Know What I Mean
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Stand By Me

#5: The Police


Undoubtedly, one of New-Wave’s most popular bands deserves a 5-pack, if only to have some more of Andy Summers’ challenging jazz guitar licks. We’ve already gotten a 3-pack and “Every Breath You Take” on the RS2014 disc, but they also have quite an extensive list of other hits.

Necessary Songs:
Walking On The Moon
Demolition Man
So Lonely
Don’t Stand So Close To Me
Can’t Stand Loosing You

#4: Rush


More Rush is never a bad thing, amirite? The last Rush pack was released in tandem with the single “Headlong Flight” off their latest album at the time, “Clockwork Angels,” so could we expect a pack plus a single again?

Necessary songs:
Fly By Night
Working Man
The Trees

#3: The Who

The who quad

Despite the 5-pack we received last December containing some of their biggest hits, The Who have such a lengthy discography that they could more than easily have another 5-pack (or more!).

Necessary songs:
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Eminence Front
The Kids Are Alright
I Can’t Explain
I Can See For Miles

#2: Aerosmith


Aerosmith is one of my all-time favorite bands, and to say that they have quite a list of hits would be something of an understatement. While the first Aerosmith pack had 3 songs from their 70’s heyday as well as 2 songs off their 2012 album Music From Another Dimension!, I was a little disappointed that none of their 80’s comeback songs were included.

Necessary songs:
Love in an Elevator
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Janie’s Got a Gun
Eat The Rich
Train Kept A-Rolling

#1: Queen

Queen Photo 2

Undoubtedly, if any artist on Rocksmith deserves another DLC pack, it’s the mega-hit factory Queen. While the 5-pack we got from them in June 2012 did include quite a few of their bigger hits, including Bohemian Rhapsody, none of their harder-rocking material from the 80’s made it in at all.

Necessary songs:
Princes of the Universe
I Want It All
Spread Your Wings
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
I Want To Break Free
Another One Bites The Dust
The Show Must Go On

Elliott’s Picks

#1 Radiohead

Oh, I’m sorry did you think eight songs was enough? Nope, it’s not. Radiohead fans want more! There are still fantastic Radiohead songs to add to Rocksmith. Songs from Hail To The Thief, The Bends, OK Computer, In Rainbows, and yes even Pablo Honey.

Necessary Songs:
There, There
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Anyone Can Play Guitar
Planet Telex
Street Spirit

#2 Weezer

Weezer was a band that probably should have been in the original Rocksmith but we had to wait for the next edition to get a song on disc (Say It Ain’t So) and a five pack devoid of anything from Pinkerton. While personally I lean heavily on the The Blue Album, there are many songs from different albums that could easily make up a second pack from the nerdy alt pop punk power whatever band.

Necessary Songs:

Only In Dreams
In The Garage
Perfect Situation
The Good Life
Why Bother
Dope Nose
El Scorcho
Surf Wax America

#3 Green Day

Green Day should have had a five pack, I think everyone would agree with that. Whether it was because of music licensing or a last minute disagreement with label and artist, four songs is not nearly enough. There’s way too many songs to pick but here are the obvious ones that should be included if we receive Green Day 02.

Necessary Songs:
When I Come Around
Geek Stink Breath
Walking Contradiction
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
Welcome To Paradise


#4 Muse

Music game law dictates that we should always have “MOAR MUSE” Rocksmith should be no exception. While we have eight songs already, there are some songs that would definitely translate well to the music game library.

Necessary Songs:
New Born
Panic Station

#5 The Offspring

The Offspring only have a paltry offering in Rocksmith. While their inclusion might be a surprise to you for this list, I’ve always felt that all the music games have missed out on their most guitar driven single, I Choose. Here are some other songs that would be a (kill)joy(powerhead) to play!

Necessary Songs:
I Choose
You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
Staring at the Sun
The Kids Aren’t Alright
Gotta Get Away
The Meaning of Life

So which artists do you think are in need of a repeat DLC pack? Let us know in the comments below!