Rocksmith Remastered DLC 5/23/2017 – 80s Mix III

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to another trip to the 80’s! This time we get the previously revealed songs REO Speedwagon’s hit single Take It On The Run (Hi Infidelity 1981)and yet another single from Queen the guitar driven solo fest that is I Want It All (The Miracle . 1989). To wrap up the pack, is something you probably never expected, for the first time ever in a music game, the American hardcore band Black Flag brings the violent guitar and bass combo of Rise Above (Damaged 1981). Finally, Death Grips in Rocksmith Remastered, awesome.


80s Mix III – $7.99 / Steam

Alt. Bass for a band that pretended to have a bassist for their album

Our third trip to the 80s and we picked up two brand new artists to the Rocksmith Remastered Catalog! Is this the best 80’s mix yet? Or is this pack an easy skip for you? Let us know!