Rocksmith Survey hints at the future of the franchise

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Late last night (or early depending where you were) @cjblandford posted on reddit that he had received an email from @UbisoftStudioSF asking him to participate in a survey!

Here’s the link to the survey if you didn’t receive it in your email!

What does the survey contain? There’s a fair bit to pique our interest at @TheRiffRepeater! Subscription based models? Online Multiplayer? An actual Vocal training mode?!

Rocksmith survey 2017

Thanks to @MooPuns


An interesting look at some considered additions to Rocksmith in the future :-O



Here’s all the Genres for consideration in the survey:

@DanAmrich chimed in to manage expectations, but you know how PR works…

For those who fill out the survey in the United States you could win a few things, so don’t miss your chance to give @Rocksmithgame your feedback – and make sure you tell them you heard about the survey here on The Riff Repeater 🙂