Weezer DLC headed to Rocksmith 2014


Man, I thought we’d at least have to wait until Friday before we had an idea what next week’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC was. Last week, PSN got to leak, so I guess XBL decided they wanted in on the leaking fun too. Who knows, maybe we might find out something from Steam next week…

Thanks to a post on the Ubisoft Forums from Dr. ButtHugger, it’s looking likely that we’re getting a Weezer pack next week.

Here’s 5 songs that we’d be perfectly fine with.

1. Buddy Holly

Oh man, anyone who’s ever even just glanced at the track listing on any 90s compilation album ever surely knows this song. I’d say it’s a lock for Weezer DLC, but we’ve had surprises in the past. Also, Rivers Cuomo looks nothing like Buddy Holly…

2. El Scorcho

There was a time when the only Weezer song I knew was My Name is Jonas because of GH3. My brother caught wind of this fact, so he burned me a CD of awesome Weezer songs. El Scorcho started that CD off, and I instantly fell in love with their fun weirdness. I really REALLY hope this song makes its way to Rocksmith.

3. Island in the Sun

Even if you don’t know this song, you know this song. A great, if a bit overplayed, Weezer song that would be a welcome addition to any guitar player’s catalog.

4. Dope Nose

The only rhythm game that’s ever had this song was Guitar Hero: Van Halen. It’s about time this song came to one that was well received.

5. Perfect Situation

Man, you know, Weezer is pretty good, but everybody knows Weeze is where it’s at.

There. That’s our prediction for next week’s potential Weezer pack. What songs do you hope are included in this? Tell us in the comments!


Oh… Well then…