Song Speculation: Goldfinger makes music game debut in Skater Rock Pack!


Hello Rocksmith fans!

The clue has been posted and solved, it was a tough one (damn you RollingStone222) but they got it!

Let’s check it out:

Oh boy, can it be? No way…

It is!!!

Oh wow, the possibilities!

This is the first time @Goldfingermusic has EVER been in a music game… Why did it take this long? Who knows… Happy to have them!

What else could @UbisoftStudioSF have nabbed for this themed pack? We have some ideas

What follows is speculation

If there’s a hardcore punk song, then I’m going to want it! Police Truck (from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater as well) would be a great place to start for getting Dead Kennedys in to the game! – @OsagaTheGreat

This would make a certain amount of sense, don’t ya think?

I’d take any Descendents/ALL but this song is in Street Sk8er, you remember what that is right?

This would be another welcome addition

Everyone remember this Epitaph Compilation?


A 5 Pack of Skater Rock including the nostalgia bomb for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fans Goldfinger! Are you onboard for this theme pack? Or is this an easy pass? Let us know!