Song Speculation: Lady Gaga comes to Rocksmith for You and I

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Here we are in February and we have a brand new artist coming to Rocksmith Remastered next week! It’s gonna be a fun week!

Let’s check out the fastest solved clue (that I can remember at least)…

Nope, not a GIF…

Wait, but how?

Can it be true?

It is, also for @QueenWillRock fans that is none other than Brian May on guitar

It’s a FOUR pack!

Surprise surprise, this isn’t @LadyGaga’s first appearance in music games! Rock Band alone has TEN tracks including the Eric Cartman version of Poker Face. 

We haven’t covered DJ Hero in a #SetlistSunday as of yet, so we will leave it at Just Dance for the other major plastic guitar franchise…

What other three songs will join You and I in the @LadyGaga song pack?

What follows is speculation

This one would be cool, nifty solo at about 2:51

Have a feeling we are going to get the original next week


Some heavy Queen/Oasis vibes in this one.

Maybe something a bit more recent? Also, yeah that’s Josh Homme on guitar.

Are you excited for @LadyGaga to come to Rocksmith or is this one fame monster you’d rather stay under your bed… Let us know!