Song Speculation: Live crashes the Rocksmith library next week


Hello Rocksmith fans!

There’s a storm coming… An electrical one!

Let’s check out this week’s clue from RollingStone222.






Whoa, a FIVE pack?!

@Freaks4Live has limited exposure in music games up until 2011, when both I Alone and Lightning Crashes made their debut on Rock Band 3 DLC! In 2015 Live returned as an on disc inclusion with their hit single All Over You. Outside of Rock Band, surprisingly only I Alone appeared on Lips (Xbox).

Knowing all this what other four songs might we expect to see next week?

What follows is speculation

An electrical storm, a very VERY popular song.

I really like this song, but the chances of it making it into this five pack are slim… Come on, let me ride

This music video is peak 90’s.

If only I could be as coool as yooooo- oh wait wrong band…

Finally Live will make their Rocksmith debut! Are you excited for Lightning to Crash or are you indifferent to this alt-90s band? Let us know!