Song Speculation: New Found Glory hits Rocksmith


Hello Rocksmith fans!

We got hardcore punk this week, but next week we are getting another dose of pop punk!

Let’s check out this week’s clue from RollingStone222:

This was a JPEG but it was supposed to be a GIF… Whoops!

Somebody bakin’ brownies

What does it mean?!

That’s definitely a brownie… Now I’m hungry.

I was expecting Variety Pack X, but this is good also!

This also takes care of the final newsletter hint for May.

Pundik later stated the band name was created while he and Klein were working at Red Lobster together; “We came up with A New Found Glory, we wrote it on a napkin. I think we pulled some of it from “A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts” by the Get Up Kids“.[22]

In twelve years of music games only two songs by @NewFoundGlory have appeared in music games. Listen to Your Friends in the ill-fated PowerGig, and My Friends Over You in Guitar Hero Live (GHTV).

With Rocksmith adding THREE tracks to the library here is what we might expect to see next week.

What follows is speculation

Is this song shouting out All Time Low?

Because it has 15 million hits on YouTube

I miss yooou singing me too sleeep

There you have it, @NewFoundGlory will join the always growing Rocksmith Remastered Catalog! Are you excited for more pop punk? Or is this an automatic pass and wait for June… Let us know!