Song Speculation: Rocksmith celebrates UBI30 with singles from 1986

Hello Rocksmith fans!

The clue has been posted and solved (quite quickly if I might add) and it looks like we are going back to the 1980s once again, that’s 1986 to be specific.

Anyway, let’s look at the clue @UbiParadise posted.

The password of course to unlock the image (it’s a GIF) was 1986 which revealed…

Looks familiar?

I’ll help

Yup, finally KLOG himself @KennyLoggins will be added to the growing Rocksmith library!

Absolutely crushed this puzzle. Great job! \m/

We’ll be ridin’ into the danger zone this week as we take a trip back to 1986. Ubisoft’s 30th birthday was this year and we’ll be celebrating it with the new UBI30: 1986 Song Pack. This pack will feature five tracks that rocked 1986. First up: “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins which was composed for the movie Top Gun.

Stay tuned to our Rocksmith social media this weekend for another song reveal.


So we have the theme of the pack, songs from 1986 that rock! What else could be appearing?

The following is speculation

More music from the greatest Rocky

this is @pcgamingisted’s prediction. Solid track!

@OsagaTheGreat hopes this one makes it in. What a bass line!

Could you imagine?

Let there be no doubt about it, Rory is hoping we get this amazing bass line.

There’s a few of our 1986 predictions? Do you have some you’d like to share (No GnR or Metallica, please). Let us know in the comments below!