Song Speculation: Sheryl Crow soaks up Rocksmith DLC next week

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Looks like another awesome woman artist is heading to Rocksmith Remastered next week!

Before we get to the speculation, let’s check out this week’s Fretboard clue.

Haven’t had one of those in awhile! The last one was Pixies in July, 2016!

We were stumped by this clue for a bit, a lot of people thought it was Billy Joel…


In the end it was @Wr4thTV that instantly realized it was the intro to Soak Up The Sun by @SherylCrow!

This song has a great summer feel, good pick!

It’s an artist three pack!

Besides Rock Band 4 there hasn’t been much inclusion of @SherylCrow in guitar games (I can see she has a song in Karaoke Revolution). Given that, here is what you might expect in the song pack next week.

What follows is speculation

This is a given, there’s no way this song isn’t included.

If we get that, can we get that @Screamales cover eventually?

So many bangers

“Hello it’s me, I’m not at home,
If you’d like to reach me, leave me alone”

Are you excited for some Summer Jams next week? Or is this a bit too mainstream for your tastes. Let us know!