Song Speculation: Four Tops sweeten Rocksmith next week

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Welcome to the first DLC of October 2017!

RollingStone222’s clue has been posted and solved, and we have a brand new addition to music games (outside of singing games that is).

It’s a GIF, you know what that means…

Here we go!

50% and Oberlin College? Hmm

This seems plausible…

Oh yeah, it’s gotta be!

It is!

Great to see some more Soul in Rocksmith!

What other THREE songs could be included? There sure is a lot of material to choose from

What follows is speculation

@OsagaTheGreat is hoping for this one (Confirmed)

@pcgamingisted is hoping this more guitar driven song ends up in the pack

Saxa-guitar chart? (Confirmed)

Ubi I need this song

Are you excited for this soulful addition to Rocksmith? Or are you hoping for something a bit spookier to come this month? Let us know!