Speculation: Rocksmith Newsletter Hints at October DLC

Hello Rocksmith fans!

It’s almost time for Green Day to wake up, and we have our newsletter for the month of October!

This month’s clue from @DanAmrich and @UbisoftStudioSF has given us a lot to think about, so let’s dive in!

It’s anything but the same old song next month! / timeless Motown

Well, now we know 50% of next week’s DLC!

From a female pop superstar

Do you recall a certain interview with @CrossieRS? Has licensing finally come through?

I guess they never got the memo

Highly unlikely, but it would be a HUGE get for Rocksmith

Could Xtina be heading our way?

Britney probably isn’t going to happen (they can’t even get her recordings in Just Dance) but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got another Canadian Popstar… Also this song is actually interesting on guitar.

Alright, let’s end it here.

With some tasty classic-rock riffs for good measure

Well, this could be pretty much anything…

So here is a video of Kim Mitchell, enjoy.

Things will heat up

2000s Mix Pack III

YASSS Drag ’em

Maybe a Hot Town?

Before they get heavy for Halloween?

So I guess we are getting #MOARMETAL for Halloween this year?

Well here’s a guess to what you kids might be getting…

There’s a few of our guesses for this month? Do these clues excite you? Or are you already hoping for November to arrive. Let us know!