Speculation: Next week’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC will be A Day To Remember

Well Rocksmith fans, we had a fun mixed bag week and it looks like next week we’re back to an artist pack. However as stated previously, this month is “all new”.

For those that were paying attention to our twitter this week, you may have noticed both Paul (@CrossieRS) and @NaoHigo promised an early hint reveal in exchange for the Official Facebook Page to hit 500,000 Likes!


While Nao’s hint was quite obvious, Paul’s was quite amusing.

What’s the lighter version of Night?

A Day To Remember! Hardcore fans of Rock Band should remember this band as 10 of their songs were put onto Rock Band Network care of Rhythm Authors and WaveGroup. They have also appeared in Guitar Hero and of course, last month’s BandFuse DLC!

ADTR is a somewhat diverse band, while they have their heavy breakdown songs, they also have some pop punk type stuff, and even some acoustic songs. It’ll be interesting to see what Ubisoft SF has in store for us next week.

Here’s the five songs we are counting on.

So Rocksmith fans… Are you ready for some more Drop C Tuning?