BandFuse: Rock Legends DLC 2/25 – Jimi Hendrix, Heart, Pretenders, Disturbed, and more!

Tuesday is here BandFuse: Rock Legends fans!

It’s time for another opportunity to fuse with the latest 10 song selection from Realta! This month’s DLC features the long awaited return of Heart’s Crazy On You to music games, and the continuation of the excellent Jimi Hendrix Experience track selection with Purple Haze and Little Wing.

February’s DLC, is sure to have something for everyone, from the post-hardcore, breakdown heavy A Day To Remember, to the live classic rock selection from Cheap Trick, it’s going to be a good one.

Playstation 3 BandFusers will have to wait an extra week however, sorry!

BandFuse February DLC – Singles ($2.99/Song)

We also have more backing tracks available this month from Realta rocker Marcus Henderson (@Hendersonix)!

  • Marcus Henderson – Back 40 – [XBL]
  • Marcus Henderson – Summer of ’89 – [XBL]
  • Marcus Henderson – Backing Beats Pack 2 (Three looping drum tracks) – [XBL]

These backing tracks will each retail for $1.99

Are you picking up everything? Let us know in the comments below.

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12 Comments on "BandFuse: Rock Legends DLC 2/25 – Jimi Hendrix, Heart, Pretenders, Disturbed, and more!"

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I’m not denying there’s talent in live perfomances. The girls of Heart are amazing at what they do, and for all we know, you’re right. But that doesn’t alter the fact that I don’t want to play a Live Version of Crazy on you on a Video Game. So once again this is one Ill just learn on my own. And thank you for clearing up the Master Track. I wasn’t aware they didn’t use they master


Live??? I cant believe that they would do that. Live music is only acceptable when your actually seeing the performance first hand, or if its Dream Theatre. But I’m thinking John Putruccis play style is to intense for Bandfuse and Rocksmith

New Wave Fan

I disagree. Unlike Rocksmith Bandfuse uses master tracks, so for all we know, “Crazy On You” might’ve only had original masters for this live version.

And for what it’s worth, Heart live >>>> Heart studio.

Bat Wings

WTF BandFuse !!!

how about letting us know if the DLC being released is
a Live version
a Studio version

Funn Dave

Good stuff, but…A Day to Remember? Really?


Pretty sure ADTR is drop C.


Bought everything except Disturbed and ADTR.

Michael Tipper

I’m holding out hope that Ubisoft will beat Realta to the European release of Hendrix material. Especially Purple Haze, Voodoo Child and Little Wing. I’ve nothing against Bandfuse, but I prefer the low latency and fast UI on the PC.


I also hope that Rocksmith will start publishing more DLCs of this level. I can’t afford to buy a PS.


I think you’ll be out of luck- Realta is touting that they have the exclusive rights to Hendrix, and licensing doesn’t just poof and vanish before the contract’s up.


Picking up Purple Haze, Little Wing, Crazy on You, and Back on the Chain Gang.