Speculation: Rocksmith Newsletter hints at December DLC

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Here we are, the final stretch of 2017! We have three clues this month from @DanAmrich and @UbisoftStudioSF to think about so let’s get into it!

an artist who can’t decide whether to fly or run

Welp, thanks to this clue we can pretty much all but confirm two of the four remaining songs in the Steve Miller Band pack.

a long overdue encore for one of the first artists to join the Rocksmith library

So this could be a lot of things, but is this clue about DLC? Or is it about the on-disc artists from Rocksmith (2011)?

Rocksmith 2011:

You know @BestFenton is hoping

Could Ubisoft be the second publisher to deliver apack from The Rolling Stones?

Could the wait be over?

You know you’d buy it…


Well, one band comes to mind

Avenged Sevenfold II anyone?

Fall Out Boy II?

Maybe some more from The Clash?

Or maybe a second round of Priest?

You get the idea…

for the final release of the year, we’re headed to prison

This could be a few things, but some obvious choices would be…

Could we be getting a song pack from The Man in Black?

This would be a big surprise

That would be a pretty amazing way to end 2017

Hey, one can dream…

There’s some ideas from us, what are you hoping December brings? Do these hints excite you, or are you waiting for the ball to drop… Let us know!

Happy Holidays!