Rocksmith 2014 DLC 2/16/2016 – Hit Singles IV

Hello Rocksmith fans!

Today’s DLC is a mixed bag from the 70’s-2000’s! There’s two huge (imo) surprises in store for you so let’s take a look at the lineup for Hit Singles IV!

From the 70s it’s a song that I personally predicted (A Train) it’s yet another Yacht Rock artist, Doobie Brothers with their hit Long Train A Running. Of course, you already knew the 80s are being covered by Loverboy’s Working For The Weekend.  Next up is the 90s with another single from @Sublime! Yes, out of nowhere a sorely missing song from the five packBadfish off their 1992 debut album 40 oz. To Freedom! Finally the 00’s (2000s) feature the heavily requested and mysterious A Perfect Circle with one of their three singles off 2003’s Thirteenth Step, The Outsider.

More like @toymachinesh’s Hits 01 😉

Hit Singles IV – $9.99 / Steam


Is this the best Hit Singles pack yet? Or is it more of a miss? Let us know!